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Curiosity Starts Here

Explore the environment at  EFCA with the facts and information below.


Pre-K at EFCA

At Erie First Early Ed. Center, our Pre-K program is recognized by, and falls under the authority of, the PA Department of Education.  We use a thematic approach to our Pre-K program utilizing direct instruction, learning centers, along with large and fine motor self-select play opportunities.

For more information please contact the school office. 

All Day Childcare

Our Early Education Center offers full day care for children aged 2-4 years old. Extended childcare is available for those who may need to drop off their students a little early or need care all day long.

All day childcare begins at 7:30am and pick up is before 6 pm. This is available for children ages 2 through 4. It is offered 5 days a week. 

Pre-K 3

  • We offer a Pre-K class for 3 year olds on Tuesday and Thursdays.

  • Pre-K classes run 8:30-11:30am. 

Pre- K 4

  • We offer Pre-K for 4 year olds on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. 

  • Class times are 8:30 - 11:30am

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